We just love the tech stuff! We often get asked, “which lenses are the best when it comes to my business?”. The answer to this question however depends entirely on the specific area being covered, your budget and of-course, preference. The illustration clearly demonstrates how the Focal Length of a lens affects the footage display and will help you get a better understanding of focal length and lens selection.  

CCTV for Schools: Achieving the Best Outcome

The Department of Education, School Safety Policy 2011, defines the Security measures regarding Safety at Schools. Schools need to have appropriate Security measures in place to Protect School Property and ensure Safe and Secure environment for Staff and Students. A variety of approaches are needed for implementation of effective security. Security breaches and associated vandalism, arson and theft in schools severely disrupts the normal daily routine of schools, and often results in the loss of valuable and irreplaceable personal resources, teaching materials and students’ work. We at Trifonics, understand these … Read More

Upgrade or Repair? Assessing an Old CCTV System

With technology moving ahead in leaps and bounds and the prices of cameras having defeated inflation by decreasing substantially over the past number of years, the question is: Upgrade or Replace?   How effective is your current CCTV system in the event of an incident? If you have previously invested in a CCTV system it is highly important to ensure it is still capable of keeping up with expected standards of image quality, after all, the Police recommend that recorded CCTV images should be of a good evidential standard. i.e. … Read More